whelped 4th January, 2003

"Smoochie" - Our thanks once again to Amanda Eddy and Sandy Garvin for allowing "Secret" to join team Merriyank in whelp to their lovely
Ch. Roadshow N Legacee Obsession.

Smoochie unfortunately was unable to attend dog shows until she was over a year old and by then had firmly decided she preferred the couch.

Amer. Ch. Roadshow N Legacee Obsession Amer. Ch. Sharosa's Roadshow Special T Amer. Ch. Pineshadow's Brass Tax Amer. Ch. Frandees Top Brass
Amer. Ch. Pineshadow's Care Bear
Can. Ch. Denzil's Attitude Adjuster Amer. & Can. Ch. Ashleysown Kahlua
Can. Ch. Denzil's Oval Tone
Roadshow's Sweet Success Amer. & Can. Ch. Ashleysown Kahlua Amer. Ch. Lurola's Edward P
Can. Ch. Blackoak's Chocolate Patty
Roadshow's Curtain Call Roadshow's Murphy Brown
Roadshow's Brandy Over Ice
Amer. & Can. Ch. Roadshow's Secret Liason Amer. Ch. Sanibel's Secret Code Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Les Brown Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Sam Spade
Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Fudge Feathers
Schiely's N Sanibels Sunkiss Amer. Ch. Flair_Rill Trident
Amer. Ch. Schiely's Chocolate Kiss
Roadshow N Sirius Classi Amer. Ch. Sirius Roadshow Star Chase Amer. Ch. Far Ace JPK Pretty Boy Floyd
Sirius N Kishs Yahoo Lady
Roadshow's Just Cathy's Babe Cornerstone's Can't Cool Down
Penny Creek's Lady Luck

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