whelped 9th December, 1995

"Secret" - A pedigree to produce, and a look to envy! We were thrilled to have been offered the opportunity of having Secret join Ashley in Australia.

Our thanks once again to Amanda Eddy and Sandy Garvin for allowing Secret to join team Merriyank.

Amer. Ch. Sanibel's Secret Code Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Les Brown Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Sam Spade Amer. Ch. My-Ida-Ho Diamond Jim
Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Pick Me Up Bo K CD
Amer. Ch. Tell Tail's Fudge Feathers Amer. Ch. Sandor's Dutch Chocolate CDX TDX
Regalia's Fire N Feathers CD
Schiely's N Sanibel's Sunkiss Amer. Ch. Flair-Rill Trident Amer. Ch. Flair-Rill Fireaway
Flair-Rill Crystal Tiger
Amer. Ch. Schiely's Chocolate Kiss Amer. Ch. Rexpointe Ripe Banana
Amer. Ch. Shiely's Sheer Ambrosia
Roadshow N Sirius Classi Amer. Ch. Sirius Roadshow Star Chase Amer. Ch. Far Ace JPK Pretty Boy Floyd Aust. Ch. Homestead's Happy Camper
Spinler N J-Don's Prestige
Sirius N Kishs Yahoo Lady Amer. Can. Ch. Homesteads Diamond Jim
Kish's Peppered Whirlitzer
Roadshow's Just Cathy's Babe Cornerstone's Can't Cool Down
Penny Creek's Lady Luck Verndee Coka Moka
Penny Creek's Diamond Lil

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