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After a huge break from the showring (yes it's been 2.5 YEARS!!!), we've stepped back in, taking a few baby steps to whet our appetite for showing again. It is a very exciting time for me personally as I have missed showing and some of the people I admired most at the shows.

Our first weekend back at Mount Gambier over Easter - KITTY took 5 CC's and 3 BOB's edging her closer to her title.

7th May, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed at Colac Kennel Club under Mrs. E. Middleton (NZ)

and BUNDY wins Best of Breed & Best Minor Puppy in Group
and ROXY wins Best Baby Puppy in Group
under Mrs. E. Middleton (NZ)

6th May, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed & Runner Up to Best in Group at Colac Ladies Kennel Club under Mrs. S. Burnside (NZ)

and BUNDY wins Best of Breed & Best Minor Puppy in Group
and ROXY wins Best Baby Puppy in Group
under Ms. S. Gray (Tas)

30th April, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed at Merbein Kennel Club under Mrs. J. Hargraves (Tas)

and BUNDY wins Best of Breed at Merbein Kennel Club under Mrs. E. Norris (Tas)

29th April, 2006

BUNDY wins Best of Breed & Best Minor Puppy in Group at Merbein Kennel Club under Mrs. J. Hargraves (Tas)
and Best of Breed at Mildura Kennel Club under Mr. R. Norris (Tas)

and ROXY wins Best Baby Puppy in Group at Merbein Kennel Club under Mrs. J. Hargraves (Tas)

25th April, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed at Sunbury C.C. under Mr. J. Thompson (Vic)

and BUNDY wins Best Minor Puppy in Group at Sunbury C.C. under Mr. I. Hinde (Vic)

CLICK HERE to see Photos from The Sunbury Show

23rd April, 2006

Added new pictures of

22nd April, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed at Greensborough & Dist. K.C. under Mr. A. McGuire (QLD)

and ROXY wins Best Baby Puppy in Group at Greensborough & Dist. K.C. under Mr. I. Rasmussen (QLD)

CLICK HERE to see Photos from The Greensborough Show

17th April, 2006

HOGAN wins Best of Breed at Town & Country K.C. under Mr. T. Horchner (Vic)

28th March, 2006

Added new pictures of DEE DEE

19th March, 2006

DEE DEE wins Best in Group (Group 1st) and Best Intermediate in Group at Kerang & Dist. K.C. under Mrs. P. Thomas (NSW)

18th March, 2006

HOGAN wins Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) at Kerang & Dist. K.C. under Mrs. B. Stepkovitch (NSW)

This win placed him at #4 Gundog for Victoria at DOGZONLINE though we don't have any shows now for a few more weeks.

17th March, 2006

DEE DEE wins Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) and
HOGAN wins Best Open in Group at Cohuna & Dist. K.C. under Mr. K. Pierce (Vic)

13th March, 2006

HOGAN wins Best in Group (Group 1st) and Runner Up to Best in Show (BIS2) at Camperdown & Dist. K.C. under Mr. P. Jeremy (Qld) and Mr. K. Chapman (Qld)

12th March, 2006

HOGAN wins Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) at Noorat & Dist. K.C. under Mr. K. Chapman (Qld)

11th March, 2006

HOGAN wins Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) at Mt. Elephant & Dist. K.C. under Mrs. S. Johnson (Qld)

29th January, 2006

The new kids on the block at Merriyank.

Bundy had his first shows this weekend and picked up
Bundy & Roxy will be handled by Murray & Lakeisha.

3rd January, 2006

Keep your Eyes on THIS PAGE
for news of our new aquisition!

1st January, 2006


5th December, 2005

IT'S DECEMBER and you know what that means!
Yes Christmas is just around the corner and here are our CHRISTMAS PAGES for 2005

18th November, 2005

Calli wins Best Baby Puppy in Show and
Dee Dee wins Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) & Best Intermediate in Group

17th November, 2005

Uploaded new photos of Calli and Zsa Zsa from the ACSCV Specialty Shows earlier this month.
Calli winning Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Championship Show and
Zsa Zsa winning Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy in Show at the Open Show.

Don't forget also to visit our work website at WWW.A1QFS.COM and see the latest "trophy" we've won outside the showring!

2nd November, 2005

Welcome back Floss. I heard on Tuesday you are a regular visitor to the site! Hope you find what you are looking for & that you & the petal aren't indulging in too much alcohol while you relive old times..... Cheers!!! and thanks for the guestbook notes from time to time.

30th October, 2005

CALLAHAN wins Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Victorian Specialty

photos soon

30th September, 2005

We proudly welcome a new member of Merriyank!

Thank you to Judy Adams for not only appreciating our beloved Sam, but also in allowing this huggable bundle of fluff to join us. More photos soon

24th September, 2005

Sincere thanks to Cath Camara of ISPY COCKERS for campaigning Hogan for his final 100 points needed for his Grand Champion title.
It was disappointing for me to see him sit in our kennel unshown and we were very grateful to Cath for giving him her love and affection during his stay in Sydney.

Hogan is our 4th Grand Champion under the Merriyank prefix and the 5th we've owned. Champagne corks are flying!

*subject to VCA approval.

24th September, 2005

Added a new page for the Results of 2005 Royal Melbourne Show including a photo of the Dog Challenge line-up. Check the Show Results pages under the Major Australian Show Results section.

23rd September, 2005

Lakeisha has a new website! You can access it via the main menu up the top of each page. Parts of it are still under construction but a good deal of it is up there. You will need Flash Player as the entire site is in "Flash" and the file sizes are large but even if I say so myself it's well worth the wait! When you get there, make sure you run your mouse over the rooms and the garden as there are lots of things to click on. We had a photo session in the local gardens and I've put a few pictures on a page for Lakeisha here.

1st July, 2005

Check out the For Fun page. A few new goodies added including a new "Movie Theatre". See what's screening!

27th June, 2005

New photos today of Dee Dee. Click Here to view her page.

24th June, 2005

Peggie & Dreamer ("Dee Dee" to her friends) have finally joined us and settled in well already.

16th June, 2005

Added some new and old photos to the FOR FUN pages as well as some photos and shows to the AUSTRALIAN MAJOR SHOW RESULTS page.... this section is definately still "major under construction" so bear with me as I sift through the hundreds of old photos in my collection to see what I can find.

12th June, 2005

We are delighted to announce that Aust. Ch. Nospod Obsesion N Dreams and Aust. Ch. Tamdale Magic Dream will soon be joining the ranks of Merriyank.

Our sincere thanks to Len & Lesley Dopson for allowing Peggy and Phyl Prescott for allowing Dreamer to come to Victoria and we will be endeavouring to make their transition as smooth as possible.

We see huge potential for these girls to add an important link to future generations of Merriyanks and look forward very much to implimenting some ideas on both our Parti and Solid lines.

2nd June, 2005

Quite a few new bits and pieces added over the past couple of weeks. Al, Zsa Zsa and Woody now have their own pages. Check the Our Dogs link.

Photos of our Kennels and our Home. More to come as I get around to taking some photos.

Some new/old photos in the For Fun page

Plus I'm working on the Show Results page.
Not many show results for us, but I'm scanning the archives to find old show results for Major Australian Shows such as Royals and Specialties.

And did you come directly to the home page or here? Then you missed the new intro page

28th January, 2005

Smoochie's puppies to Sam have arrived. See the puppy page for details of this mating. We'll keep you posted on their progress and add some photos soon.

10th January, 2005

Maggie has unfortunately missed. We have mated Smoochie to Sam. See the puppy page for details of this mating. We'll keep you posted.

Unfortunately after suffering a fall and breaking my kneecap, I will be out of action on the show scene for yet a further period of time. We'll keep you posted on our plans but we are presently looking forward to our next new import.

3rd November, 2004

Maggie has been mated. Click here to see the details of her litter.

24th October 2004

Added a few more photos to the Wedding Page

23rd October 2004

Well the blessed event has come & gone and we still live to tell the tale!.

Click here to see the photos as they are posted.

To say it went off without a hitch would be a slight exaggeration. Cath & I have decided to go into professional chocolate making, though I doubt either of us really want to see another chocolate again for a wee while. 675 handmade chocolates to go in with M&M's and Hershey Kisses for the wedding favours..... ahhh but they were all worth while as they looked fantastic on the tables and I can't tell you how relieved we were to get them finished. I'll get around to posting more photos as I have the time, including menus etc which were all my creations and everything to match.

Thanks to a few people....
not the least of which are my dearest Mum & Dad who mean the world to me and without whom we could never have enjoyed such a fantastic night.
To my darling daughter Lakeisha who now has the father figure she has so long desired in her life (my god how you took my breath away!), Murray & I are so proud of you.
To Cath & BK for being the witnesses, Best Man & Woman, Nerve steadiers, Loving supporters, Chocolate maker, and as it turns out not too bad in the speech department either! Cath, I am truely blessed to have you back in my life again. Brendan, you are a very special man, and thank you for your support and such kind words.
To Julie Bedwell who I met on a plane about 3 years ago and who I am honoured to call my friend since that time. Thank you for the loan of your beautiful voice so we didn't bore everyone to tears signing all those forms.... My apologies for ruining the big build up at the end, but then you know you were asking for that kiss!!! LOL
To our marriage celebrant, Diane Wright who I've known now for some 20 years, for, well I guess marrying us in the first place, but also for your sense of humour and remarkable ability to create the exact atmosphere we had in mind for the joining together of a family. Thanks hubby Andrew also for the "sound" department.
Thank you to Michelle at Oakmoss Florist - Call her if you ever want flowers - she's just AWESOME. Hey Michelle - 42 Roses for my 42nd birthday were pretty awesome but I have to say that the wedding bouquet was just gorgeous. Considering I wasn't really into the idea of a bouquet in the first place - your talent shone through yet again. Thank you so much.
Yet another thank you to Trish Parker for her gorgeous wedding cake. It really did taste even better than it looked. I recall requesting "simple but elegant". You took those words and baked them into a cake. Thank you Trish. I wish you all the best & hope you take care in the future.
Thank you also to the fantastic team at Cafe Nu-Deli, commonly referred to as our 2nd lounge room. The awesome menu did not disappoint - not that we ever thought for a moment it would, and as always served with a smile. Special thanks to Cameron for his hard work in lining up some entertainment for us at the 11th hour when the person we had booked pulled out with only 9 hours to go. But I also want to thank all the staff. You guys made all the difference to the night and I hope you know how much we appreciate your friendship and the fantastic service you provided for our guests.
And finally a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who came to share the evening with us. Some came from quite a distance to be with us, especially Murray's Mum, Margaret, and sister, Rosemary, from New Zealand. It was such a special evening for Murray & I and we sincerely hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
But I guess the one person I personally really want to thank is my very beloved husband Murray to whom I owe so much for the love and support he has given not only me, but unconditionally to "OUR" daughter Lakeisha who truely worships the ground he walks on. I thank you for being the exceptional father figure she so deserves in her life, but also for giving me such a fulfilled life and hope for the future. I truly have been filling in time until you came into my life and it is difficult to remember these days what life was like before you. I am indebted to you for such an enriched life and for the greater understanding you have given me. I am filled with such excitement and confidence for the future that I have no doubt such a depth of love will finally make us both eternally happy. I will always love you.....

October 2004

Sam receives his final eye clearance.

And so we are pleased to offer Sam at Public Stud for the first time since his arrival in Australia (by private treaty). Please EMAIL US or phone (03) 5235 8168 for further information.

Just 12 days to go - and counting......

September 2004

It's been long overdue that I have updated our website.

First of all I'm excited that it is now only 3 weeks until our wedding! Murray and I will be married on October 16th. (The moral is - never say never! When you find the right guy anything is possible!).

APRIL 2004

Thank you to all of our friends for your support and encouragement throughout the past year especially. "The event" has gone from being a quiet get together for a few "nearest & dearest" to a fully fledged frock, flowers & fruit cake fiasco - but all three of us are so excited and looking forward to you sharing the day with us that I have no doubt we are all going to have a ball. Just wait until you hear the entertainment!! A somewhat new found friend of ours - Mark Haze - is coming all the way from Albury to WOW you as he did us when we attended a seminar in Albury earlier this year. Mark is an incredible talent and I have no doubt you will enjoy him as much as we did. I'll be sure to include some photos on the site of the blessed event in due course.

Work has been keeping us very busy - if you want to know more about what we do - go to

Sadly it's been another quiet year for our Cockers.
Dog showing to me has always been about enjoying the day 1st and winning 2nd. Unfortunately certain elements of dog showing aren't what they used to be. When you are faced with the ugly side of dog people it does nothing to encourage you to get out there and show.
We've only had a few shows, though they have been quite successful. Our lovely brown girl "Ashley" aka Aust. Ch. Roadshows Mystique took out Runner Up to Best in Show at the Sydney Easter Specialty Show in April under breed specialist Jamie Hubbard from Australia.

APRIL 2004


"Hogan" aka Aust. Ch. Merriyank Cokerdile Dun D has accounted for Runner up to Best in Group at Bendigo K.C. under Gundog specialist Evelyn Peggie from Victoria, Best Australian Bred in Show under Ken Pierce from Victoria, and Best Exhibit in Group at our local show under John Rowles from New South Wales, and Best Australian Bred in Show at the Sydney Easter Specialty Show under breed specialist Jamie Hubbard from Victoria.

And not forgetting "Sabrina" aka Merriyank Mirror Mirror who after a lengthy absence from the showring, came out and won her final points for her Australian Championship title at Bendigo K.C. under Evelyn Peggie. "THE BEAN", as she is known and loved at home, is now sporting a puppy clip and living life as a house dog with Ashley as her constant companion and hopefully role model. Unfortunately apart from one other show where Ashley took Bitch Challenge & Runner Up BOB I think that's about all the shows we've attended this year so far.

On a brighter note, I have a few interesting plans for the dogs for the future. I hope that at least 2005 will be a little more interesting to write about and that some links from the past will help along the way to make the future a lot brighter.

The key to success, and this I have learned the hard way, is to never compromise on your ethics or your principles. At the end of the day you are responsible for the life you lead and the decisions you make. Never let anyone lead you from the path of what you know to be right or good. In the end, keeping the peace at the expense of your integrity serves no purpose but to make you as bad as the person who led you there.
A bit of "Maree Philosophy"......... Thank you Cath for reminding me how important my friends really are..... can't wait to see you in October!

December 2003


to all our friends across the Globe. Thank you for your support throughout the good and bad times of our lives.

Click on the door to view our 2003 Christmas pages.

December 2003

2003 has been a slow year showing and breeding wise (slow but in some ways successful!!) and now we have lots of plans to make 2004 something special!!!
Keep checking to see our latest news. You can join our email list for automatic notification of any updates to the site. CLICK HERE The only mail you receive is advice of new events and updates to this website.


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