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Here is our story, together with the links to the dog's pages via their names on the left hand side.

MERRIYANK Kennels was registered in 1978 after purchasing our first Cocker in 1977, a co-venture between mother and daughter, Margaret and Maree Newman. For many years my mother had exhibited and bred Pekingese, and when I decided I would like to become more involved in the sport of dog showing I went looking for another breed.

I can still recall the first time I saw an American Cocker Spaniel. It was at our local Colac show in March of 1977. I came across this gorgeous, hairy, black dog sitting regally on a grooming table waiting for her turn in the showring. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen on four legs, and thus began the 20 year love affair with this breed. We ordered a puppy that very day.


Aust. Ch. Nannerb Lakkari
Aust. Ch. Marsden Sweet Sensashun

The first American Cocker Spaniel arrived at our home some months later, a black bitch NANNERB LAKKARI, a daughter of the delightful bitch I had seen at the show. Shortly afterward, her dam MARSDEN SWEET SENSASHUN was offered for sale and purchased by us. These two bitches became the foundation for the kennel. We also purchased a buff male NANNERB GOLDEN HARVEST who never made his title due to habitual coat chewing.

Both Lakkari and Sensashun completed their Australian Championship titles, and though the breed was numerically small in those early years, both aquitted themselves in the showring well with numerous In Group awards.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Stargazer
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Tequila Beau
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Ensenada Sue
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Diana

The first Merriyank litter was born in 1978, and was a repeat breeding of Lakkari, sired by AUST. CH. MARSDEN HEPCAT. This litter produced four live puppies, all of these gained their Australian Championship titles. Two black bitches - CHAMPIONS MERRIYANK DIANA, MERRIYANK ENSENADA SUE, a black & tan bitch CH. MERRIYANK STARGAZER and the black male CH. MERRIYANK TEQUILA BEAU. The latter two were retained by us and shared many Puppy in Group awards. The male went Best Puppy in Show at the American Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria's 1979 Open Show. The bitch went on to win 8 Best Opposite Sex in Group awards, never once managing to crack that Best In Group win. Both were retired at a later date to allow our new youngsters to show what they were made of.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Ebony Girl

August 1979, and a mating of GOLDEN HARVEST to SWEET SENSASHUN produced AUST. CH. MERRIYANK EBONY GIRL. EBONY GIRL, though a small bitch, was beautifully bodied and sound, and what she lacked in size, she made up for in showmanship. At 13 months of age she was awarded the Bitch Challenge Certificate at the 1980 Adelaide Royal Show. She gained her title with ease, and though sparingly shown, also notched up Reserve Challenge at the 1981 Canberra Royal Show together with numerous In Group and In Show awards.

1979 was also an important crossroad for the kennel. While seeking a stud dog for LAKKARI we were introduced to Max Winch (Idylewins) that year at the Adelaide Royal Show, who offered the use of his dog CH. WONGAN SUPERSTAR. Aside from the obvious turn of events after the litter was born, it was Max who made me realise all too well, the value of an ability to handle and present a dog well. The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed which can be sculptured with grooming and handling (perhaps these days somewhat to the detriment of the breed), the advantages of doing both, well, were obvious.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank The Magician
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Miss B Haven
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Star Studded
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Madness

The litter was born in February 1980 - 1 buff and 3 black bitches, and 2 black males. One male succumbed to Parvo Virus at a later date, and the buff bitch grew little coat. The remaining four all attained their Australian Championship titles. AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONS MERRIYANK MADNESS, MERRIYANK STAR STUDDED (who was owned by Max Winch and was a prolific winner including Best Opposite Sex in Group at the 1981 Adelaide Royal Show at just 19 months of age, and an outstanding producer under the IDYLEWINS prefix), MERRIYANK MISS B HAVEN and the black male MERRIYANK THE MAGICIAN.

The latter two were retained by us, MISS B HAVEN and THE MAGICIAN had excellent wins as youngsters and consistently graced the In Show line-ups throughout their careers. MISS B HAVEN had numerous awards to her credit including Bitch Challenge Certificate at the 1983 Adelaide Royal Show just prior to her retirement. THE MAGICIAN's credits included 5 All Breeds Best In Show, Best of Breed 1981 Canberra Royal Show, Dog Challenge Certificate 1983 Hobart Royal, Reserve Challenge Certificate 1983 Adelaide Royal, American Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria's Dog of The Year 1982-83 and Runner Up to Kennel mate CH. MERRIYANK MEADOW SONG the following year. He also attained his 1000th Challenge Point just prior to his retirement.


Aust. Ch. Maragown Mark My Word

1981 saw a new arrival to the Merriyank team in the black male CH. MARAGOWN MARK MY WORD (Imp.NZ). This dog was sired by ENG. SH. CH. AMER. AUST. & N.Z. CH. BOBWINS BANGAWAY OF MEMOIR (Imp.USA) out of CH. SUNDUST SERENA OF MARAGOWN (Imp.UK). MARK MY WORD was a fairly reluctant show dog, though he was a Group winner during his show career, however it was his worth as a Stud Dog that was important to our breeding programme. He regularly produced beautifully balanced, well bodied, sound puppies.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Meadow Song

That year he sired a litter to ENSENADA SUE. One of the puppies was CH. MERRIYANK MEADOW SONG who was to become one of the top winning bitches in this Country. Apart from her many wins at Royal Shows including Runner Up to Best in Group (Group 2nd) at Melbourne Royal (which drew in excess of 5000 entries all breeds) in 1987 at 6 1/2 years of age, she won a Specialty Best in Show and a Runner Up to Best in Specialty Show as well as multiple All Breeds Best in Shows and attained in excess of 1,000 Challenge points prior to her retirement. She was a pleasure to show, always giving 110%, rain, hail or shine and is still considered by some to be a benchmark of the breed.


Aust. Ch. Wongan Ebony Evidence

A new arrival to the kennel in 1982 was a lovely little black bitch from the kennels of David & Stephanie Rickard - Wongan. Bonny was an All Breeds Best in Show winner from the Puppy Class and had numerous other awards to her credit during her show career.


Aust. Ch. Idylewins Black Chat

1984 saw the arrival of a new puppy who became CH. IDYLEWINS BLACK CHAT, sired by AUST. CH. HIRONTOWER CROWN DESTINY (Imp.UK) out of Max Winch's STAR STUDDED. Winchie - the dog - (as he was affectionately known) had won 3 Best in Shows before his first birthday, and continued to win them until, at his retirement at age 7, the tally stood at 22 Best In Shows. He had 5 Royal Show Challenge Certificate awards, was Best of Opposite Sex in the Gundog (Sporting) Group at Sydney Royal in 1986, and amassed in excess of 2,500 Challenge Points during his show career. In 1985 he was #2 National Gundog of the Year. He won an amazing number of Group and In Show awards, among his trophies - a Dog Trailer. Aside from this dog's incredible show career, he and I shared a bond that was so special, I still miss him to this day.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Mikkado

Around this time we had also bred a litter by MARK MY WORD out of MISS B HAVEN. A black dog in the litter went to Stan & Colleen Cott (Leechrista Kennels). We felt it would be pointless to keep a male who was only 6 months younger to show in competition with BLACK CHAT. This puppy became CH. MERRIYANK MIKADO and won well, including 5 All Breeds Best in Shows, and In Show awards at All Breeds and Specialty shows.


Aust. Ch. Idylewins Samantha

We purchased a black bitch from Max Winch out of a litter sired by AUST. & N.Z. CH. WONGAN PROPER POSIEDON to STAR STUDDED. She became CH. IDYLEWINS SAMANTHA. SAMANTHA was an All Breeds Best in Show winner, but it was her producing ability that was most impressive. Dam of 10 Champions from 4 litters, 3 of which were All Breed Best in Show winners, 7 were Best in Group winners, 3 were Specialty Show Challenge Certificate winners, and 2 Royal Best of Breed winners. Her name remains behind many of the top winning MERRIYANK team.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank More Magic

1985 saw an interesting breeding between BLACK CHAT and EBONY GIRL which produced MERRIYANK MORE MAGIC. Dino, though overshadowed considerably by his father's huge show presence, still notched up an All Breeds Best in Show, together with Reserve Challenge at both the Brisbane & Sydney Royal Shows (both Reserves to his dad), together with many other Group and Show awards during his career.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Firelight
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Fernando

The aquisition of STARYANKS AT MIDNIGHT from the Staryank's Kennel of Paul & Debbie Wilkes, didn't provide us with an enthusiastic showdog, but it did give us a substantial bitch with which to breed to MARK MY WORD which we did in 1986. The resultant progeny, CH. MERRIYANK FIRELIGHT and FERNANDO aquitted themselves well in the showring with Firelight being an All Breeds Best In Show winner.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Paws N Stare
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Niton Th Town
Aust. & NZ. Ch. Merriyank Back To Blak
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Kandu Magic

SAMANTHA's first litter to AUST. CH. PIPERHILLS REPRESENTATIVE (Imp.USA) in 1987, produced 3 males and 1 female, all of which attained their Championships in Australia, one attaining dual status in Australia and New Zealand. AUST. & N.Z. CH. MERRIYANK BACK TO BLAK, AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONS MERRIYANK KANDU MAGIC, CH. MERRIYANK PAWS N STARE and the bitch CH. MERRIYANK NITON THTOWN. The latter two were retained by us and both were Best In Show and multiple Group winners.


Aust. Ch. Idylewins Sophie

To this time, the kennel had predominantly produced blacks. I had developed an interest in Parti Colours and in 1987 we aquired a black & white bitch from Max Winch CH. IDYLEWINS SOPHIE. Sophie was the first Parti to win a Specialty Best in Show in this Country. She was also Best of Breed at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1990, a very memorable and emotional moment for me and a very popular win on the day. She had numerous other show credits prior to her untimely death in 1991 when she developed pancreas problems. A very special girl, Sophie remains as one of my all time favourite dogs....


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Miranda

Another Champion progeny for MARK MY WORD when bred to AT MIDNIGHT was the bitch MERRIYANK MIRANDA. Mia was owned by David & Raewyn McCullough and won well especially from the puppy class including Best Puppy in Show under respected breed Specialist Mr. Frank Kane from the UK.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Show No Mercy
Aust. Ch. Merriyank What A Scandal
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Simply Snazzy

A repeat of the SAMANTHA X REPRESENTATIVE breeding two years after the first, produced 3 females and 1 male, three of which attained their Championship titles CH. MERRIYANK SHOW NO MERCY, CH. MERRIYANK WHATA SCANDAL and CH. MERRIYANK SIMPLY SNAZZY. SHOW NO MERCY and WHATA SCANDAL were both Best In Group and Specialty Challenge winners, with SHOW NO MERCY also winning Best in Shows and Royal Challenge Certificate awards. SIMPLY SNAZZY was retained by us and has also produced well.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Main Atraxion

The third litter for SAMANTHA, sired by FIRELIGHT, produced the Royal Melbourne Show Best of Breed winner CH. MERRIYANK MAIN ATRAXION owned by Jamie Hubbard of Canfly Kennels.


Aust. & NZ. Ch. Fleckwood Strike M Fancy

The Parti's continued to flourish with the introduction of a black & white bitch AUST. & N.Z. CH. FLECKWOOD STRIKE M FANCY (Imp.NZ) who arrived in Australia in 1992 after a successful string of wins in New Zealand with breeder Robyn Baylis. Shown sparingly, STRIKE M FANCY was a multiple Group winner with us in Australia.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank By Design
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Arabian Nite

The fourth litter for SAMANTHA at 6.5 years of age, sired by MARK MY WORD at 11 years of age, produced her 9th and 10th Champions and his 7th & 8th - the Specialty Challenge Certificate and Best in Group winning bitch CH. MERRIYANK BY DESIGN and the black male Group winner CH. MERRIYANK ARABIAN NITE who was owned by Cathy Camara of ISpy Kennels.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Charmin Carmen
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Make A Mark
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Special E For Me

At around the same time, we sent SIMPLY SNAZZY for a brief holiday in Perth with Paul & Debbie Wilkes to be bred to the lovely "Sidney" - AUST. GRAND CH. GLENN ELLYN FLY BY NIGHT (IMP.NZ) We retained a pretty bitch from this litter who became CH. MERRIYANK CHARMIN CARMEN and who for a period of time was co-owned by Sharon Power of Shanelg Kennels. Carmen herself went on to produce 9 Champion progeny, 4 of which were All Breeds Best in Show winners. Later that year we also bred MERRIYANK LOVE AT DUSK (a Black Chat x Staryanks At Midnight daughter) to BACK TO BLAK. We retained MERRIYANK MAKE A MARK who amongst his wins of Group and Runner Up to Best in Shows also accounted for Best Puppy in Group at the 1993 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Litter sister MERRIYANK SPECIAL E FOR ME was owned and campaigned by Colleen Cott of Leechrista Kennels.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Dare You To Try (ai)
NZ. Grand Ch. Merriyank Macho Magic (ai)

In 1993 we made enquiries in the U.S.A. regarding the importation of frozen semen to breed to STRIKE M FANCY. Semen arrived from AMER. & MEX. CH. TAGALONGS MACHO MAN. It was 1994 when the litter arrived, 1 B/W male & 2 tri males survived. NZ. GRAND CH. MERRIYANK MACHO MAGIC (ai) (Imp.Aust) went to Robyn Baylis in New Zealand is still the top winning Parti Colour of all time in that Country and a multiple Best in Show winner. The Tri male retained by us, CH. MERRIYANK DARE YOU TO TRY (ai) was a multiple Best in Show winner, and proved to be a very valuable Stud Dog with 20 Champion progeny.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Made In Heaven
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Stvnspeilbark
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Maid T Order
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Luv Th Nyt Life
NZ. Ch. Merriyank Ringsyd Gossip

With the success of the Frozen Semen Parti venture, we also negotiated to purchase semen from the black dog AMER. CH. BROOKWOOD RAES CREEK, the National Specialty winner in the U.S.A. in 1990. With only maiden bitches to use with the semen, we decided to breed two bitches to the same dog in order to establish which bitch would be the best prospect to use with the semen. BY DESIGN and CH. MERRIYANK CHARMIN CARMEN were mated within days of one another to CH. JULEN HONKY TONK MAN.

CHARMIN CARMEN produced 2 females and 1 male. The male CH. MERRIYANK STVNSPEILBARK was a consistent Group and a Best In Show winner for us throughout his career. The females - CH. MERRIYANK MAID T'ORDER owned by Sylvia Dakin of Roanbrae Kennels, was an All Breed Best in Show and multiple Group winner and our CH. MERRIYANK MADE IN HEAVEN was an All Breed Best in Show, Specialty and multiple Royal Challenge Certificate winner, campaigned for a time by Max Winch of Idylewins Kennels.

The litter from BY DESIGN produced more puppies but they were more varied in type. Two bitches from this litter were successful in the showring. NZ. CH. MERRIYANK RINGSYD GOSSIP was a multiple In Group and In Show winner in New Zealand for Robyn Baylis. The other bitch CH. MERRIYANK LUV THNYT LIFE, owned by Cathy Camara of ISpy Kennels, won multiple Group awards, was a Specialty and multiple Royal Challenge Certificate winner. She was Best of Breed at Sydney Royal Show in 1996 at 12 1/2 months of age, repeating the win the following year, including Best in Group at 1997 Sydney Royal.


Aust. Grand Ch. Merriyank Dare To Compare
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Risky Bizniz
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Re Markable
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Winter Glow

Among DARE YOU TO TRY'S many winning progeny, are some outstanding winners. His first litter to IDYLEWINS MARIPOSITA (sired by Amer. & Aust. Ch. Kamps Kruise Kontrol Imp.USA out of SOPHIE's litter sister), included CH. MERRIYANK RE MARKABLE owned by Max Winch of Idylewins Kennels, a multiple Best in Group and In Show winner, winner of Runner Up to Best In Group at the 1997 Adelaide Royal Show. CH. MERRIYANK RISKY BIZNIZ was a gift to our friends Len & Lesley Dopson of Nospod Kennels, he was also a multiple Best In Show winner and was campaigned by them to within a few points of his Grand Championship. AUST. GRAND CH. MERRIYANK DARE TO COMPARE was a multiple Best in Show winner as well as twice winner of the Western Australia Top Dog Contest, and sire of Champions himself, for co-owners Paul & Debbie Wilkes of Staryanks Kennels. The only bitch to be shown, CH. MERRIYANK WINTER GLOW who was owned by Lorraine & Ernie Marshall of Starshall Kennels.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Megabucks
Aust. Grand Ch. Merriyank Black In A Flash

The decision was made that CHARMIN CARMEN would be the one to breed to the RAES CREEK semen. In March 1996, two black females were born. We decided to place one, rather than show the two against one another. The remaining bitch became CH. MERRIYANK MEGABUCKS (ai). MEGABUCKS amassed a credible 5 Best In Groups and 2 All Breed Best In Shows while still in the Puppy Class, and went on to hold her own amongst much older bitches.

We bred BY DESIGN to DARE YOU TO TRY and the result was an outstanding young dog who went on to be AUST. GRAND CH. MERRIYANK BLACK IN A FLASH owned by Rebecca Scott of Hirize Kennels. A Multiple All Breeds Best in Show winner, this dog was an outstanding winner, proving himself worthy over and over amongst the best of the tough Sydney Show Scene.

1997 was a slow year for the kennel, as I underwent surgery for a hip replacement, so breedings and showing took a backseat for a while. However 1998 began with a trip to the U.S.A. to the American Spaniel Club Specialty Show. The opportunity to see the breed in the Country of Origin enabled us to see new directions in which to take our breeding programme.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Finders Keeprs
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Bnekira Magic
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Lil Gemstone
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Sinful Pleasur
Sth. Afr. Ch. Merriyank Playing To Win At Pro Am

In March of 1998 a repeat breeding of the Parti litter producing DARE TO COMPARE, RISKY BIZNIZ etc saw yet another B/W male and female enter the showring. The male was titled at 12 1/2 months of age CH. MERRIYANK FINDERS KEEPRS, owned and handled along the way by Gillian Lazar of Queensland, who did an exceptional job with this young dog - her first ever Cocker. They took some lovely wins from the Baby, Minor and Puppy classes along the way and on to multiple Best in Group and a Runner Up to Best in Show winner and culminating in Best of Breed at the 2000 Brisbane Royal Show. His sister CH. MERRIYANK BNEKIRA MAGIC also had some nice wins along the way to her title while co-owned by Lenka Baylog who eventually returned her to us.

Our last litter for 1998 sired by CH. JULEN HONKY TONK MAN out of CHARMIN CARMEN, (a repeat of STVNSPEILBARK, MAID T'ORDER & MADE IN HEAVEN) produced a lovely litter of blacks and a b/tan bitch. We retained CH. MERRIYANK LIL GEMSTONE who was a multiple Best in Group (Group 1st) winner - taking her first at just 14 months of age. Another black girl CH. MERRIYANK SINFUL PLESURE, owned by Helen Roberts of Glenbeigh Kennels, was Best Puppy in Group at the 1999 Brisbane Royal Show. My "pick" of the litter winged her way to Caroline Gilmour of Pro Am Kennels in South Africa, who became STH. AFR. CH. MERRIYANK PLAYING TO WIN AT PRO AM, enjoyed considerable success in the showring in South Africa on the way to her title. "Rachel" was our first export to a country other than New Zealand.


Amer. NZ. Grand, & Aust. Ch. Gazon One More Encore

1999 saw the arrival of AMERICAN CHAMPION GAZON ONE MORE ENCORE and the dawn of a new era for the kennel. Born in 1996, "Sam" was sired by the 1998 #1 ASCOB in the USA, AMERICAN CHAMPION GRANDCRU DARKEHAVEN SHIRAZ, and a pedigree which boasted names such as AMER. CH. JAZZMAN CLAP HANDS, AMER. CH. HARLANHAVEN'S HIGH SPIRIT and AMER. CH. DARKEHAVEN'S EYE SPY no further than 3 generations. Sam spent some time in New Zealand under the very professional care of Beth Warman & Joanne Price of Corsair Kennels, during which time he notched up his New Zealand Grand Championship and a string of wins that far exceeded my expectations. Home in Australia he was campaigned to his Australian Championship by Adrian & Maureen Jones of Rushboro Kennels in Tasmania. Sam was an unbelievably special dog who I will be ever regretful of following the instructions of others to not allow him to be used at public stud. I believe he had an enormous amount to offer the breed in this country, but was never really given the opportunity to realise that potential.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Cokerdile Dun D
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Whoopi Golbark
Amer. Ch. Hyer Luv's Balanced N Blueprinted

Our first litter for 2000 - sired by "Sam". Two puppies out of CH. MERRIYANK CHARMIN CARMEN (already the dam of 6 Champions - 4 of which were Best in Show winners). MERRIYANK COKERDILE DUN D and MERRIYANK WHOOPI GOLBARK. "HOGAN" began an impressive career being my youngest Best in Group (Group 1st) and Runner Up to Best in Show (BIS 2) winner at a mere 9 1/2 months of age. He eventually accumulated multiple Best in Show awards to his credit including DCC at the 2001 Canberra Royal Show over top competition at just 13 months of age. "WHOOPI" resumed her show career in September 2001, after a 12 month break from the showing to re-assess her thoughts on being a showdog. She completed her title in short order, taking a Best in Group along the way and was also shown by Adrian & Maureen Jones of Rushboro Kennels, Tasmania.

Also in 2000, the arrival from the USA of AMER. CH. HYER LUV'S BALANCED N BLUEPRINTED. Whelped in 1996, Steven was shown sparingly in Australia, accounting for multiple Group wins along the way. Unfortunately he was never successfully used at stud.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank Mirror Mirror

Quickly coming close to her title and then having almost a year's break before returning to obtain her final points was the young bitch CH. MERRIYANK MIRROR MIRROR. She was a combination of the best of our black and parti lines, sired by CH. MERRIYANK DARE YOU TO TRY (ai) and her dam being CH. MERRIYANK MEGABUCKS (ai). Personality Plus was the best description of this girl and she made herself at home in the In Show line-ups at a number of the shows she attended even from the Baby Puppy class.


Aust. Ch. Merriyank In Your Dreams
Aust. Ch. Merriyank Dreams R Free
Aust. Ch. Roadshow's Mystique

Amer. & Can. Ch. Roadshow's Secret Liason

We decided to breed BNEKIRA MAGIC to Val Carter's US Import - AMER. & AUST. CH. KAMP'S N NORMANDY'S CITY LIGHTS. Both boys from this litter attained their titles, MERRIYANK DREAMS R FREE was campaigned by Rebecca Scott of Hirize Kennels and racked up some impressive wins. MERRIYANK IN YOUR DREAMS was quickly campaigned to his title by Gillian Lazar in Queensland.

2002 also saw the acquisition of two girls from the USA. I had never been what you would call an avid fan of browns based on those I had seen in this country UNTIL my trip to the USA. I was so inspired by what I saw, how they could and SHOULD be, that I knew I had to have one. The arrival of Ashley (Mystique) in particular not only gave us yet another Specialty Best in Show winner (the very first brown to do so in this country), but also had us completely hooked on brown.


Merriyank Seald With A Kiss

Secret was brought out in whelp to the lovely Amer. Ch. Roadshow N Legacee Obsession. We kept the only bitch in the litter "Smoochie" aka Merriyank Seal'd With a Kiss. Unfortunately owing to an "ownership dispute", Smoochie wasn't shown until she was a year old and by then had firmly established herself as chief house dog at my mum & dad's house. It was a very slow year for anything dog related. Relationships (or the lack of them) took the "spotlight". I did manage to get to a few shows at the end of the year with some success but that was about all.

2004 proved to be even less productive for the dog side of our life. Hardly any shows attended and the only litter we attempted to plan unfortunately missed.

2005 didn't start in the very best possible way. Between Christmas & New Year I had a fall and fractured my kneecap which meant showing was obviously out of the question for a while.

Aust. Ch. Nospod Obsesion N Dreams
Aust. Ch. Tamdale Magic Dream

With the knowledge that a NSW breeder had decided to get out of Cockers and were looking to sell a couple of their dogs I decided that Ch. Nospod Obsesion N Dreams and Ch. Tamdale Magic Dream would be interesting assets to our kennel especially given we already owned "Peggy's" grandmother - Am. & Can. Ch. Roadshows Secret Liason (Imp.USA). Originally I had thought Peggy would bring with her a link to the outstanding Amer. Ch. Rendition Triple Play which would tie in nicely to our semen we still had in storage from Amer. & Mex. Ch. Tagalongs Macho Man, but also incorporated a number of the lovely Brown cockers that started me speaking "Brownese" in the first place. Unfortunately I was so disappointed with Peggy's inability to gel with other dogs, I decided not to breed here. Dee Dee (Magic Dream) also had some lovely Brown & Parti breeding behind her, but unfortunately due to contracting a severe ear infection, she was never bred.

Selwor Social Climber
Selwor Shekinah
Casabey Gaze On Me

2006 and yes a few more additions! First off a couple of surprise packages for Lakeisha to have some fun of her own with at the shows. "Bundy" and "Roxy", a couple of wicked terrors arrived thanks to John & Lianne Rowles. And "Vanni" who came to us from Valda Jeffers in lieu of a stud fee, sired by our Sam, Amer, NZ Grand & Aust. Ch. Gazon One More Encore (Imp.USA) out of Ch. Casabey Ebony Rose who's brown & tan sire I campaigned for a short while during his career. Unfortunately while spending some time in Tasmania, Vanni met with an untimely death and our future plans for her were never realised.

Merriyank Katharine Hepbark

Fast Forward to 2011 and the opportunity to lease Truly Yours Royal Girl Is Mine (Imp. Den), a daughter of Brz. Lux. Am. Fin. Int. Itl. Swd. Spa. Sm. Ch. Truly Yours Regency who I had admired for many years for a litter to Aust. Ch. Truly Yours Black Breaking Records (Imp. Den). The opportunity for this litter came about thanks to Gillian Lazar. We retained the only bitch from the litter who proved to be the most amazing house dog but also proved her worth as a show dog for the few appearances she made at shows.

Showing (and winning) to me is simply the icing on the cake of involvement in this breed. Though the Cockers from our kennel have certainly done us proud in their acheivements in the showring, it's the companionship and enjoyment we get from this wonderful breed that has kept our interest at such a high level throughout the years. This, coupled with the many wonderful friends we have made along the way, has given me the greatest pleasure.

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